Our Story

With over 10 years in the business of experience creation and coordination, which started as a hidden talent for organizing get togethers to orchestrating the travel plans for friends, the Candy Coated Brand is one that was home grown in the Caribbean islands. A melting pot of cultures fused with thorough planning skills helped to start, build and now grow the Candy Coated Experience into what it is today.


In 2010 Candy Coated Events were “Making Special Occasions Memorable” with the coordination of Birthdays, Anniversaries and Other Events. The small one-woman team operation had a knack for creating unique concepts that wowed customers. With customer satisfaction a number one priority in building the brand – the focus remained Exceptional Customer Service.


Candy Coated delved into the world of Carnival in 2012 creating an ad hoc experience to a main carnival fete , an experience that utilized basic ingredients for lasting impressions. What started off as small bus ride excursions and off-shore boating gatherings eventually grew into a brand that had an array of unique offerings that continued to wow the customer.


In 2014, Candy Coated began seeing an upward turn in customer base and loyalty and with this in mind delved further by challenging old concepts and recreating new ones to bring about unique experiences that the customer could participate and leave with more than they came.

From 2014 onwards for the next five years, Candy Coated would retain exceptional customer reviews on the flagship creation of Candy Coated Cruise gaining success that saw an upward surge in 2017 and increased marketing mileage with the brand for more market share of the Caribbean Diaspora Market.


In 2016 with the introduction of another type of experience: Travel, saw the coming into existence of the brand Candy Coated Travels. Same one woman led operation delved into planning group travel using the same customer satisfaction and experience gained over the past six years in the business of Event Creation and Coordination. With sold out experiences to India, South Africa, Tanzania and Bali with upcoming trips to India and Israel in 2019 – the Candy Coated brand extended its reach even further into another area of the Caribbean Diaspora Market.

With a growing female market share of persons over the age of 25 with varying tastes in Enjoyment, Candy Coated has morphed all the elements of its old persona (Events and Travels) with a new age perspective into the creation of our new company:

CANDY COATED EXPERIENCES LIMITED (events, travels, outreach, management, consultancy).


As we approach 2020 with a clear vision and approach to providing quality unique experiences that match our customers’ taste, interests, needs and financial abilities – we endeavour in 2019 to continue to shape the brand into a socially conscious and responsible movement for growth in the Caribbean.